Saturday, 29 January 2005

resting, resting, resting ....

still not running - keep reading stuff that says take 1-2 weeks of for shin splints - PT says two weeks as well, though she is not a runner she has been good in the past.

pain seems to have moved a bit - trouble is you start to feel little niggles you didn't notice before once you start 'listening to your body'

will go to Derby Runner this week, had a conversation with one of their staff at the club this week - need to take my shoes in for them to have a look at them.

meanwhile trying not to eat too much and get some alternative exercise - but also got loads of work on - and its just not the same :<(


Evil Pixie said...

Sorry to hear your legs are still playing up ... justa thought but Nike are having their van + video analysis at our club on Friday. When you got to Derby Runner why don't you ask if you can pop down (assuming you can and want to of course!!) Dave (shop owner) is our club chairman.

beanz said...

Thanks Pix, they do have something at the shop, but I have never used it as I already had asics 2080s when I first went there, but maybe I need some analysis.
I think Adidas are coming to Trailplus the weekend after, so that is another opportunity.