Sunday, 16 January 2005

safely home

mrbeanz is safely home

runningteenbeanz and I managed a run

so the world looks a whole lot better tonight!

We had a great run in the park - mud and hills made for a slow pace, but it was such a lovely mornign we could not do anything else.
We might make it our regular weekend run together, as it is the sort of run that mrbeanz would rather I did not do alone, a few remote bits. And the hills are good training! Am tempted to think about xc next winter.

where: park - mud and hills
how far: 4.98 km 3.1 miles
time: 44:18
pace: 14.2 minute miles
AHR: 136
core: not yet


bz said...

Good news beanz

Evil Pixie said...

brilliant news - were they able to say what it was??