Monday, 10 January 2005

weightwatching begins!

A good start to the day with 45 minutes on the tready,also made an appointment with the PT for Wednesday - need a realistic programme of strength exercises to complement base training. Based on 2 visits to the gym a week.

Back to WW tonight - first time since 22nd December - have put on 1 pound in that time not too bad for Christmas, but had hoped to stay the same.
New programme for WW - choice of no counting but eating three meals a day from a limited list - as much as you want from a broad range of fruit, veg, cereals -but not bread (seems ot be leaning to low /medium GI carbs in there). Additionally free snacking from the allowed fruit and veg and also 21 points for other stuff - bread, wine, cheese ... Bonus points as before - although based on weight and perceived level of exercise and supposed to eat a max of 12 per week still. That cannot work for anyone running as much as we do though. It does also say 'aim to earn more than you eat' which is better guidance I think.
The alternative programme is points based but the number of allowed points is more focused - based on not just weight, also age, lifestyle etc.

weight 13st 11lbs

where: treadmill
how far: 5.76 km 3.6 miles
time: 45:00
pace: 12.5 minute miles
AHR: 132
core: not done

tomorrow: 45 minutes club or tready if back too late


bz said...

souds an interesting and sensible nw prog from WW
xpect i would drink one wks point in a night though

explains 30 mpw and no weight loss

beanz said...

I think you are probably right about the explanation of your weight loss - that and the mcchicken food substitute!

Leon - Aim High! said...

Does sound like a reasonable programme - very best of luck with it Beanz.

Looking back, your running is looking really consistent - good for you!