Saturday, 15 January 2005

don't know what to do with myself ...

At 5.30 this morning mrbeanz woke with severe abdominal pains resulting in a trip to hospital where he still is.

He doesn't cope with pain well, so it has been a fairly traumatic time.

And they still don't know what is wrong with him. He has had intravenous (sp?) morphine and is probably having various undignified invasions of his body as I write this.

Trouble is, if I am sitting by his bed I feel I should be at home with teenbeanzes, if I am at home with them, they don't seem to need me and get on with their computer games and I feel I should be at the hospital. I cannot even think about running, would seem too selfish.

What to do?


Evil Pixie said...

Huge hugs .. take care of yourself too as you are need in one piece.
Hubby is in the best place and I am sure the hossie will work out what is going on soon

beanz said...

thanks, Pix

bz said...

Beanz-------big hugs

If you wnat to ask owt medical-you know where i am

beanz said...

thanks, ruth
seems ok this morning - should be home later today if his breakfast stays in place!

and yes,I would contact you if I needed to, thanks