Tuesday, 4 January 2005

back to the club

More peeps chatting to me at the club, now I have a club place, perhaps they believe I might be a serious plodder, rather than just posing on club nights? And two folk commented they'd seen me out running in the week and thought I was running well!! (Obviously did not see me on a walking bit then.)

Anyway partner texted to say she wasn't coming, which was ok cos I could do my own pace - not sure how BT goes if you don't run alone?

Off to a conference in Leeds tomorrow afternoon - need ot fit in a run before going. There is a tready at the hotel, but they may not let me use it for 40 minutes, often time-limited in hotel gyms, cos they have so few CV machines. Don't fancy Leeds city centre streets in the dark!

Ah well, it's a good walk to the conference from there, so will get time on feet if not running.

where: club
how far: 5.2 km 3.2 miles
time: 38.25
pace: 11.8 minute miles
AHR: 138
core: crunch & pressups - done

tomorrow: try to fit in 40 minutes road


C-Gull said...

That's a lot of running! However, studies show that constant running religiously is bad for your heart. I've heard of so many runners dying of heart attacks. Have a nice day. Plus, as Dave Attel(sp) put it, "Runners are always the ones that find the bodies. The guy at home eating ice cream and watching porn never does!" Have a nice day.

Leon - Aim High! said...

Ignore it beanz.

Has NO IDEA what he is talking about.

His blog is - Hmmmmm - 'interesting'

Good effort today, by the way

C A D said...

hi beanz! (Hi Leon!)

It would appear that mr seagull is a veteran runner and knows exactly what he's talking about. Or as Jon would say, maybe he should just shut his gob-like-a**e and buzz off. Amazing these blog posters eh

Oh and 40 mins..? I'm very jealous. But, really well done!

beanz said...

Thanks both,

Pleased you are on the mend Cath, look after yourself.