Wednesday, 26 January 2005

giving the shin a chance

I've decided to stay off the running at least until the weekend and get in some gym work.

Then try and run on grass in the daylight.

So been to the gym this morning and done 20 minutes CV and 30 minutes upper body strength.

Now sitting here icing my leg!

where: gym
what: CV and upper body
time: 50:00
pace: n/a
AHR: 100 (inc weights time)
tomorrow: gym CV and core


Leon - Aim High! said...

Beanz - My sister has suffered with shin splints all her running life and having seen her Brass Monkey picture we think we know why.
She has always been a HARD Heel striker. She heel strikes quite a way in front of her Centre of Gravity. And she has run with a very long stride and low cadence
And she's ALWAYS found running uphill easier than down or on the flat.
WHY? - shorter stride - foot strike much further back and faster cadence.
On her Club run last night she concentrated on her form with the same criteria - shorter stride and faster cadence.

She found that, despite heavy tired legs from Sunday, running was easier and 'lighter'.

So she's going to look at altering her gait so that she midfoot strike more - my guess is that she'll get a lot quicker and suffer less injury.

Now I should be worried!!!!!!

Leon - Aim High! said...

Now I'll get to the point ........!
I don't know if any of that applies to the WAY you run - and perhaps I do too much thinking for my own good - but if an observation can help.....

I'll stop taking up your blog space now!

beanz said...

Thanks, Leon,

Well, I am probably a heel striker - as opposed to mrbeanz and runingteanbeanz who, I think, run more on their toes.
Trouble is, if I try and think about how a run I'll probably fall over!

Like if think about my breathing, [you know, this "breathe in for 2 strides and out for 3" or some such stuff] it goes completely