Thursday, 23 December 2004

beautiful morning

What a beautiful day - clear blue sky, not too cold just the weather for running. A bit blowy though.
I've done Sainsbury's and been out for a run, so can feel quite pleased with myself so far.

Too nice a day to do my normal main road in the dark plod, so I went in the park. This is much slower runing - steeper hills, and today very muddy.

However I went out for a run, got my HR up and lots of fresh air in my lungs. Probably not far enough or quick enough but still ....

where: two loops in the park
how far: 2.7 miles
time: 38:34
pace: 14.19 min miles!!
AHR: 132 (?not sure this is right - said 79 for ages when it felt more like 130!)

tomorrow: gym - tready plus some strength stuff I think.

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