Wednesday, 8 December 2004

on track today

Well, got some work done - though not enough - but I cannot hit all targets on the same day at the moment.

Been for a run with E this evening, but she was not well, so it was partly a walk. However I did do 4 laps, last lap runing on my own, so that's something.
Eating under control today - in fact saved some points for curry on Thursday!

Exercise - run 4.5
Food 17
fruit & veg 7 - better
water 11 so far!

5.6 km (ish)
65% AWHR


bz said...

found you
aint gonna comment on diet, you know hippos dont approve
but, you is RUNNIN

thats what counts

beanz said...


I know but I AM obese (5'4"" and 13st 10lb) so I have to eat less than my greed would tempt me to.

And the idea of weighing less and so running up hills more easily is a good incentive.