Wednesday, 8 December 2004

yasso tonight

It was yassos on the tready again tonight - 4 reps at 8.7 and last one at 8.8. I really enjoyed it.

Off to Brum tomorrow - working in hotel until Saturday pm. Should find time for some runs after meetings and before breakfast - no kids to get off to school!

Today:Food 24/22 (its the bananas!)
Exercise 4.5
Water 9
Fruit & Veg 7

Run 5.55 km in 40 minutes - 11.6 minute miles! 136 AHR


Evil Pixie said...

Keep up the good work Beanz!
Why don't you try meet up with Benz - she's in Brum as is V-rap.
A couple of us at club have decided to make the wednesday club run a run and weigh-in - the gym scales which are totally accurate said I was 1lb heavier with all my kit on (including shows) than I was when I got home and jumped on the scales before my shower - guess my scales are wrong!

bz said...

am indeed 17 miles west of brum
But on call as of tomorrow

beanz said...

Benz (can I call you that?) I seem to come to brum from time to time - would be good to meet up some time - will let you know when I am here again