Friday, 31 December 2004

first long run of the campaign

So having done five nice steady 35 minuters this week today was the first long run of the marathon training.

Out along the main road and back, boring, but at least I know how far I have to go and can monitor progress from one run to the next.

It was a comfortable run - managed to plod along, walking only to drink, kept my HR under control reasonably and I managed the steep hill back through the woods better than ever before - walked the bits when HR went over 75% but jogged the rest - aim is to get up it in one go by April.

where: up the road and back
how far: 11.2 km 7.0 miles
time: 1:33:58
pace: 13.4 minute miles
AHR: 136

tomorrow: 40 minutes on the road or through the park?

497 miles this year!!

1 comment:

Leon - Aim High! said...

Hey beanz
Great effort - keep it up. The benefits will soon be there for all to see.