Monday, 13 December 2004


panic is setting in as I realise how much I have not done - will have to do some serious grovelling and not make promises I cannot keep.

have had a nightmare with the email today - keeps refusing to send, so i cannot even send holding messages.

on a brighter side I did get out and run this morning 3.25 miles before breakfast.

on a darker side I did not go to WW - school meeting to go to

so today has been a day of eating the worng stuff - but get back to sensible amounts and stuff tomorrow.


Leon - Aim High! said...

Hi beanz
Just been reading through your blog (well you did post on mine - so I thought it Good Form!! ;-D ). Blogs are very personal things aren't they - they seem to take on a character of their own. All of the ones I dip in to are so different!
Are you still doing Brass Monkey? I'm hoping to be un-injured enough for it.
Re: post on hippo's blog - it just seemed appropriate - a kind of visual and musical hug!

beanz said...

That's ok, we're all in this together.
Yes hoping to do BM - I am a real plodder, so a flat course will do me fine!

Its a funny thing this blogging, not told my family about it, and I guess that applies to others too, though i don't think i necessarily say things I wouldn't want them to read, but I do wonder why I can say them here but not to them.

The virtual hug is just the right description and I can understand you thinking of hippo.

Evil Pixie said...

We all need a corner of the world were we can shout - and if those lurking about can help then we will.

Evil Pixie said...

Please note I did not comment on the WW for a reason - see my site! Self distruct mode MAJOR league!

bz said...

Top Plodding beanz
My hbby now knows about my blog---eek
ive had to call it summat else

Dont worry about WW
you WILL get there, with or without them
and you can run, which is more than most do