Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Tuesday running

Tuesday is club night - I am the slowest plodder in the club - by a long way apart from one other.

The other plodder is another Mum, who started (like me) because her children are there.

She does not train as consistently as me, but is less overweight and does run a bit faster. However she reckons that plodding a bit slower with me enables her to go further. And for me plodding a bit faster with her, and keeping going when there is a temptation to walk, helps me go a bit quicker.

We don't go very far yet - 3 miles tonight - but that is fine 'cos that's what Hal Higdon says for a Tuesday and Thursday (which are club nights so that's good).

Off to Cambridge and London tomorrow - so no running, but plenty of walking.

So run: 3 miles at 11.6 minute miles
Eating - reasonably restrained, once Pix made me think about it and realise water is a key to not bingeing (sometimes anyway)

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Evil Pixie said...

Well done with the club run - I've been at club now for about 2 months and I'm already starting to see the benefits of having someone else to run with, as you say it stops you plodding so slowly and makes you work harder. I've even been known to get to a 10.30 min mile now! So it must be working! Keep up the good work!
I WILL be drinking more today - I'll even take some sports drink for this afternoon 'cos that will be good for club (can't eat before we run) and it needs using before the end of the month anyway!
Lets hope we can keep each other on track!