Tuesday, 21 December 2004

I'm in!!!

Well to cut a long story short, we had the club draw tonight and I have a place for the FLM.

So no more wussing around, proper eating and proper running.

Only ran a couple of miles tonight - horribly icy. Supposed to be milder tomorrow, so will try and get out on the road.

Am struggling with whether to do base training type stuff - aiming for an hour a day (but not able to do every day) or to stick with Hal Higdon, 4 times a week plus 1 cross train.



Evil Pixie said...

Well done - great to hear you are in too!
If I was you I would stick to what you are doing. Base training is great if you have the time each day and no plans for a year. To run at low HR will make you stronger but also slower and as the name suggests is designed to build a base from which to work.
Looks like we both have some running and sensible eating ahead of us!

bz said...


beanz said...

OK ruth so what do you say - base or Hal Higdon?

Or just get out as often as possible for plods and then aim for one longer run a week??

bz said...

i say base, plus either a long run or a race a week
you should be ok for some aerobic speed work sessins in the new year

aim of your mara is to get round and enjoy the day
it will be a pb whatever

Leon - Aim High! said...

Fantastic news beanz.
I agree with ruth, base plus a race OR long run per week.
That's exactly what I'll be doing.
I've been injured - so it'll be base and Cross training, building up as I can until my first race which is Brass Monkey.
Don't have weekly races then, but monthly (Still need one for Feb, then Rhayader Round The Lakes 20 in March). Then taper to FLM - that's the plan anyway.
How ever you choose to prepare - best of luck.