Sunday, 19 December 2004

pathetic .......

Yet again I fail to get out on a Sunday - just could not get out of bed in time to run and be back to take minibeanz to her job and then be ready for church.

So - will definitely go tomorrow morning - 9 miles should do it - 5 weeks to Brass monkey - eek.


Leon - Aim High! said...

5 Weeks is OK beanz. My sis ran a PB there a few years ago off only 3 weeks running of the last 5.
I'm going to be there too - and I'm not even running yet - Cross Training, but not running.
I also did nothing today - Sleeping between night shifts. Rest is good for us!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Pixie said...

that means I must have the same to Helsby - eck!
Beanz can you post the flapjack recipe?