Monday, 6 December 2004

starting again again

So I went ot the gym this moring and did half an hour (only) on upper body / CV stuff - 2 teeneagers at home ill so did nto want to be away too long.
Had a chat to PT about my struggle with weight. She has given me some tips to help me renew my determination.

What was I doing differently in May when I was losing well? I was posting on the WW forums - but the site is sooo slow; I was drinking loads of water - and logging it; i was writign down my food and eating half my exercise points. So this is going to become more BJ diaryish as I do a more comprehensive log. I know its not very public - ie no one comes here much, but it is for me to focus myself.

and another thing - no eating at the computer - and since I spend a large part of my day working/surfing/forumming that should cut down consumption!

So I will check in each evening at least.


Evil Pixie said...

good luck! I need a kcik again - lost those 5lb but nothing for 2-3 wks!

beanz said...

thanks - consider yourself kicked - but look after yourself too.