Saturday, 11 December 2004

Friday's gone

out for a run early this morning - 5.5 km - it was cold, but not frosty by then.

Felt good, though pace turned out to be slower than it felt - but kept HR under control.

Hectic working day - recovering someone else's stuff. But worked with a stimulating colleague, so all ok.

Finished in time to rush out for food, then back to type up day's stuff.

Must go to bed - so no run tonorrow - must finish typing up ready for tomorrow's meeting.

Exercise - 6
Food - 22/20

run 5.5 km 44 minutes AHR 141


bz said...

do you sleep beanz?

beanz said...

sleep? oh, when I can!

I waste time on forums then have to catch up on work, or overcommit myself (fatal flaw of freeelancers) and burn the candle at both ends.

But I do sometimes snatch 30 minutes in the afternoon for a snooze - it picks me up no end.