Friday, 24 December 2004

A gentle plod

OK after listening to all the folk on the base training thread, I am going to go with that.

I've been to the gym this morning, done a bit of upper body strength stuff (I wonder, do other BTers do strength stuff?) and then 30 minutes on the tready.

Have not got my head round the HR business yet - well I had but then I looked back at the calculations I did yonks ago and found that my max observed HR is now 186 not 173 - which would make my WHRs higher, but then lp said that I should be using 70% of MHR not WHR for BT, so that takes it lower.

75% would be 140 and 70% would be 130.
On the tready I tried to keep it between 130 and 135 - second half of my 30 minute slot I had to walk some of the time as it kept shooting up above 140 - amazing difference between walking at 7.0 and jogging at 7.0 kph

where: treadmill
how far: 3.68 km 2.3 miles
time: 30:00
pace: 13.04 min miles
AHR: 134
last rest day 6 days ago

Tomorrow - rest day
Then Boxing Day a 3.5 km 'race'

Then do 35 minutes / day for 5 days and see how it goes


bz said...

Dont get TOO hung up on HR

have you donre a proper test?
if not you may just operate at higher HR
if you want to do it by feel it should feel the same as a gentle downhill jog

get me?

beanz said...

yes, thanks that makes sense