Thursday, 30 December 2004

dready again

Plan A was to go out in the park with runingminibeanz, but he said his cold was not up to it and he'd rather swim. So we all went to the gym/pool.

After 10 minutes on the crosstrainer, over to the dready. and 35 minutes done - managed pace better and went a tad further than last time - its feeling good.

Will do a long one tomorrow - it probably isn't strictly BT, but I must start putting in the long runs, otherwise I'll never do FLM.

where: treadmill
how far: 4.4 km 2.8 miles
time: 35:00
pace: 12.6 minute miles
AHR: 132

tomorrow: 7 miles on the road - strictly plodding


Leon - Aim High! said...

Long ones ARE strictly BT . The more you can do (without being stoopid like me) the more beneficial the effect. The trick is to build it up as you are able -and to run every day.
I printed off all the Hadd and Lydiard stuff from the BT thread. Makes REALLY interesting reading.

beanz said...

I've been thinking of printing it off, too, leon, as I cannot plough through it in one go onscreen.
I thought maybe I shouldn't do the long runs until I am up to 60 minutes comfortably a day, but I cannot afford to wait that long - Brass Monke calls!!

Leon - Aim High! said...

I'd been trying to eek advice out of people who understood the principle better than me and who had more experience.
Just found I had more questions - so thought I should go 'straight to the source'
It's a lot to wade through but made the whole thing much clearer.
Think I almost melted (Not My) printer to get it all though!!!!!!!