Saturday, 18 December 2004

dark and dingy Saturday

Well I suppose it is nearly the shortest day, but it really is dark and damp outside.

Yesterday was a bit hectic and I didn't post - gym and yassos first thing - 5.7km in 44 minutes. Then on to shopping - managed to get most pressies. Now need to sit down and work out there is left to get.

Then finished writign cards. Evening was spent at the AC - young athletes presentations and disco and buffet. Good to natter to some of the other parents.

This mornign 3 hours in teh garden - doing stuff that's needed doing for months. Still loadds to do, but its raining now. How come I am happy to run in the rain but not garden? Well I do stay out there if iam already out there when it rains, but going out in it - no thank you.

Derby forumites meet tonight - looks like we will be a very select bunch in the end.

Must plan another one for later in the year.

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